Indian seen dumping bodies of coronavirus victims into mass graves

DELHI (HRNW) – Indian officials have ordered a probe after PPE-clad health department workers were filmed dumping COVID-19 victims in two mass graves.

The video filmed on June 29 shows workers dragging at least six bodies from a hearse and dumping them into two graves.
The man who is filming the video and is part of the team asks them to put all bodies in one grave and fill it up, saying: “There will be more (dead) tomorrow.”

Sources said the workers were supposed to dig one grave for each of the deceased but dug only two to save the effort.
Bellary Deputy Commissioner S S Nakul ordered a probe after the incident triggered widespread outrage for showing disrespect to the dead. He promised to take action against the workers if it could be ascertained that the incident indeed took place in his district.

He said 28 persons had died due to COVID-19 over the last few days in Bellary district.

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