Pakistan Stock Exchange attack orchestrated by India: PM Imran Khan

Islamabad (HRNW)  Prime Minister Imran Khan said on Tuesday that the attack on Pakistan Stock Exchange in Karachi was orchestrated by India.

The Pakistan PM said this while addressing the National Assembly. He said it was a Mumbai-style plot.

“There is no doubt that India was behind yesterday’s attack,” PM Khan told the parliamentarians. He lauded the security forces and intelligence agencies for a swift response to the attack.

Four terrorists attempted to storm the PSX building early Monday. However, they all were neutralised before entering the building.

“I want to take this forum to acknowledge our four heroes who lost their lives yesterday [in an exchange of fire with the terrorists],” PM Khan said. “This includes [Assistant] Sub Inspector Shahid, and three security guards posted outside the building, Ifthikar, Khuda Yar and Hasan Ali.”

Speaking about the coronavirus lockdown, the PM said that he was never in favour of it because of the impact it was likely to have on the poor.

He said his government imposed smart lockdowns so that the country could be run. These lockdowns can help contain the coronavirus spread, the prime minister said.

“When we opened our markets and economy, it is only then that others agreed that a smart lockdown is the only way to combat the pandemic,” he said.

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