20-year-old woman gang raped by four robbers in Lahore’s Gujjarpura

Lahore (HRNW)  A 20-year-old woman was gang raped and robbed by four men Wednesday night in Lahore’s Gujjarpura, the police said.

The woman worked at a clinic in the Sagian neighbourhood and was going home when the incident took place at 10:20pm.

According to the FIR, when she left the clinic, four men on motorcycles abducted her at gunpoint and took her to the nearby fields where they raped her. The suspects also took her mobile phone, Rs45,000 in cash and gold worth Rs20,000.

Punjab Inspector-General Shoaib Dastagir has summoned a detailed investigation report on the incident from Lahore CCPO Zulfiqar Hameed.

The police have taken two suspected men into custody and have obtained DNA samples from them. They have promised that the perpetrators will be arrested soon.

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