Kuwait cancels deportation of thousands of residency violators

DUBAI: (HRNW) The Kuwaiti interior ministry has cancelled plans to deport 15,000 residency violators on humanitarian grounds and decided to grant them temporary residence until August 31.

After revising its decision to deport approximately 15,000 people, the Kuwait interior minister decided to grant temporary residence to the residency violators including residents or visitors whose papers expired between January 2 and February 29.

The latest decision, which takes effect next week, was taken in view of the closure of government ministries that would have processed documents to legalise their stay in the country. Moreover, the decision should not deter frequent travellers from visiting Kuwait for fear of being deported.

residency violations committed before January 1 would not be covered, hence it was necessary for undocumented individuals to leave the country voluntarily or be deported, noted the Kuwait interior ministry.

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