Alhamra Academy of Performing Arts to launch online classes

Lahore (HRNW) An important meeting with the teachers of Alhamra Academy of Performing Arts was held under the chairmanship of Executive Director Alhamra Saman Rai regarding the promotion and launch of online classes here on Tuesday, at Alhamra Art Centre, the Mall.

The teachers of Alhamra Academy of Performing Arts briefed MS Rai about the mental state of the youth due to this pandemic.

After the briefing and discussion session, the Executive Director Saman Rai decided to announce the launch of online classes in all fields of fine arts to restore the mental health of the youth and to instil in them the spirit of moving forward and developing once again. For the convenience of the students, Lahore Arts Council would upload all the lectures of teachers of music, painting, acting, dance, instruments and all other fields on LAC’s official website.

On occasion, Executive Director Lahore Arts Council Saman Rai said that because of the current situation, it was unavoidable to make this decision. Hopefully, this decision will benefit all the young artists from 12 departments of Alhamra Academy of Performing Arts. She stated that Alhamra is pursuing its goals in accordance with modern requirements because our goal is to promote culture, the well-being and development of the people associated with this institution.

Several suggestions are also being finalized for further improvement of Alhamra Academy of Performing Arts related fields. Teachers from all departments of Alhamra attended the meeting and highlighting the performance, initiatives and plans of their respective departments

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