All political parties invites Uzair baloch to join their party, Sindh Ministers

Karachi (HRNW) Provincial Ministers Saeed Ghani and Syed Nasir Hussain Shah have said that at present, under a well-conceived conspiracy in the country, by making non-goods into goods, coronavirus, power crisis, flour and sugar scandal, petrol mafia  Attention is being diverted from all issues including blackmail, PIA.  The statements of the ministers of the present incompetent, incompetent and selected government have brought this country into disrepute globally and their elected Prime Minister is now Trump of Pakistan and he is following his philosophy.  He did not understand the meaning of the unknown motorcycle. He himself says that Uzair Baloch is the killer, then why don’t Ali Zaidi become a witness in the cases pending in the courts against Uzair.  On the Lyari issue, all political parties, especially the PTI, also invited Uzair Baloch to join his party, and the current President of Pakistan, Governor Sindh and Ali Zaidi himself invited him to the bungalow of one of his current members of the National Assembly.  ۔  Imran Khan and his party are the political wing of terrorists and there is all the evidence.  Drainage cleaning work has been started for monsoon rains across the province including Karachi and this time KMC, Local Government and Nespak are working together and a regular strategy has been formulated for this.  Don’t have such cases every year.  These views were expressed by the two provincial ministers during a joint press conference at the Sindh Assembly Auditorium.  Secretary Local Government Sindh Roshan Sheikh and others were also present on the occasion.  Sindh Minister for Education and Labor Saeed Ghani said that today due to the ban on PIA flights all over the world, this country is suffering a loss which is unprecedented in its history and it is only these incompetent, incompetent and selected ministers.  Due to the statements of  He said that now it seems that like Steel Mill, the present government wants to destroy PIA at the behest of someone and give it to its ATM and there are some dangerous reasons behind it.  Saeed Ghani said that the Lahore High Court has taken notice of many things including PIA, Chinese Commission and surprisingly, the sugar millers who have appealed against the report of the Sugar Commission include Jahangir Tareen and Khusro Bakhtiar.  He said that the value of dollar and the price of flour have increased.  Overnight, the prices of petroleum products are increased by 25 to 27 percent under the pressure of the petroleum mafia.  So in the name of Chinese scandal, 300 billion is robbed of the poor people of this country.  At present, the flour crisis is intensifying in Punjab and we fear that its effects could be felt in Sindh as well.  Saeed Ghani said that our incompetent and incompetent Prime Minister says that the corona virus has decreased in Pakistan while the fact is that the corona virus victims have not decreased but Pakistani Trump is now following in the footsteps of US President Trump and  They have reduced the tests.  At the moment, there is no difference between Trump and Khan.  He said that JIT of 5 years ago is being made an issue today only to divert the attention of the people from all these issues.  Saeed Ghani said that Ali Zaidi says that he was given an envelope by an unknown motorcyclist, which contained JIT reports which he received 3 years ago and he himself admits that Uzair Baloch is the killer, so why did he kill him?  Do not become witnesses in ongoing cases.  He said that the statement of 164 was being justified, then the brother of PTI MPA Israrullah Gandapur gave 164 statements, in which the brother of Ali Amin Gandapur, who is the Federal Minister, and others were involved in the murder of his brother.  Then why is he silent on it.  Saeed Ghani said that there are three JITs, including Uzair Baloch, Nisar Maurai and Baldia Town tragedy, then there is silence on Baldia Town tragedy because of his allies involved in it.  Muhammad Anwar has also agreed to take money from India.  He asked why the foreign funding case of PTI itself in which Israel and Indians have given money to them is not discussed. Why is there silence on why Ali Zaidi tried to eat the donation of three million dollars.  Saeed Ghani said that Uzair Baloch himself had said that all political parties had approached PTI for joining. Governor Imran Ismail, President Arif Alvi and Ali Zaidi had formed a committee and this committee was tasked to liaise with the peace committee.  The committee was meant to include Uzair Baloch in its party.  Saeed Ghani said that when the PTI allowed anti-government sit-ins across the country, a sit-in was also allowed on Sea View in Karachi.  Leaders of the peace committee kept coming to the sit-in.  The members of the peace committee kept sitting on the stage. Habib Jan, whose name is in the JIT, used to address these sit-ins by telephone.  Saeed Ghani said that if the PPP leadership went at the invitation of its MPA, it is being made an issue today.  Saeed Ghani said that I was also in the party while my name was not in JIT.  Saeed Ghani, in an interview with former speaker Fehmida Mirza on a private channel yesterday, said that her mouth should not be opened and said that she should open her mouth and we will answer you and tell you the facts.  He said that Ms. Aap was not made by the first woman speaker of the Islamic world Bibi Shaheed but by Asif Ali Zardari.  Her husband was made by Interior Minister Asif Ali Zardari. When Zulfiqar Mirza was removed from the party, she did not relinquish the speakership but she and her son also asked for tickets in the 2013 elections.  Saeed Ghani challenged Ali Zaidi and Fehmida Mirza to sit in front of me in the TV show and I will answer all their questions.  On the statement of the former Wing Commander Rangers, he said that the invitation mentioned by the Wing Commander of Rangers was an invitation of MPA, not an invitation of Uzair Baloch.  We had to meet Uzair Baloch so that we could go and meet him at night. He said that I request D-Ranger that those who have retired should not make irresponsible statements. In response to a question, Saeed  “I have witnessed many things,” Ghani said.  We worked for peace in Karachi. Do we let people die in Lyari. If governments have dialogue then they are for peace. He said that in the past the government also had dialogue with Sufi Muhammad.  Osama bin Laden was declared a martyr. Imran Khan himself was named by the TTP that he would negotiate on our behalf. Saeed Ghani said that this proves that Imran Khan is a political wing of terrorists.  He said that whatever steps were taken by Asif Ali Zardari, Faryal Talpur and others to restore peace. When Zulfiqar Mirza had aggravated the situation, the ministry was taken away from him. To a question, he said that an unknown motorcycle  The envelope of the riders is lying around the neck of the people. Find out who these unknown motorcyclists are. This minister knows who the motorcycle is. He said that Nabil Gabol said that an envelope had also come to his house.  It was written Lu Yu and there was a low letter in the name of Ali Zaidi in this envelope. The envelope was changed. To the question of Asif Ali Zardari, he said that she had been in politics for thirty years and had never written a will.  When he came, he had written his will and in this will he had written that the Central Executive Committee has to decide who will be the head of the party and until this decision is made, Asif Ali Zardari asked Zardari to be the head. Saeed Ghani said that  The will was opened at a meeting of the Central Executive Committee one or two years after her martyrdom and it was agreed to make Asif Ali Zardari the head of the party, but Asif Ali Zardari  Asif Ali Zardari had said that Bilawal Bhutto Zardari would lead the party. However, Asif Ali Zardari would lead the party during his studies.  Replying to a question regarding K Electric, he said that earlier PTI members themselves used to say that these are the shares of Asif Ali Zardari in Abraaj. Now the reality has come out that who is Arif Taqwa and Arif Naqvi.  He said that Arif Naqvi wrote the name and number of Imran Khan after his arrest in London. He said that PTI should not pretend to sit-in and everyone knows.  That PTI will not do anything against Abraaj.  He said that if PTI was so concerned about the people of Karachi, it should ask the Prime Minister to take K Electric into government custody immediately.  Earlier, addressing a press conference, Sindh Information and Local Government Minister Syed Nasir Hussain Shah said that the Sindh government has already started cleaning the drains before the monsoon rains this year, but it has been delayed due to Karuna.  This time cleaning of drains, especially in Karachi city, has been started by KMC under the management of 38 major drains and all their choking points have been opened while the garbage in the drains has been removed to the landfill side.  These drains should be cleaned in such a way that all the garbage is removed. KMC as well as the Local Government Department and Nespak are also working in it. All the three agencies will clear it and until this work is completed,  The amount will not be paid. In addition, the Chairman DMCs, Municipal Commissioners and the concerned Deputy Commissioners are working together for the drains coming under the management of DMCs and the Chief Minister Sindh has released funds for this.  He said that with regard to the cleaning of these drains, the impression is being given that this is a program by the World Bank. It is too late for the World Bank money to come. This is a project of the Sindh government. This is not a World Bank grant but  This is a World Bank loan, which will be repaid by the Sindh government.

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