Land grabbing allegations against me are fake: Haleem Adil

Karachi (HRNW)-  Pakistan Tehreek e Insaf (PTI) Vice President and parliamentary party leader in Sindh assembly Haleem Adil Sheikh here Saturday said that the allegations of corruption and land grabbing against him are totally fake and he would prove this on appropriate forums.

In a statement issued here Saturday, Haleem Adil said the ruling PPP in Sindh has been trying for long to silence his voice and in this regard it is still hatching conspiracies against him. He said this started on January 2, 2018, when we started a protest rally in favor of the sugarcane growers of Sindh.

He said baseless applications were filed against him and his family members by some people backed by the PPP to implicate them in false cases. He said we are honest and clean people, and not a corruption of a single rupee or any land grabbing has ever been proved against us. He said he owns a land of 4 acres which is clear and a bank loan taken on it has already been paid.

He said in fact the PPP leaders are involved in massive grabbing of lands in Malir. He said these elements had tried to get lodged a case against me in anti-corruption department but the ACC 1 committee rejected the allegations. He said Sindh chief secretary and other senior officers were included in this committee. He said the case was later sent to the revenue department, where also it is not proved.

Haleem Adil said these people are using dirty tactics to silence my voice. He said if and when the NAB summoned them, they would prove their case that they are not involved in any land grabbing or corruption.

He said a poultry land was given on 30-year lease and it was applied to extend the lease to 99 years. He said our cases are pending in the High Court. He said there is no bank loan on the poultry land. He said everything is as per law and nothing is illegal. He said the NAB is an independent institution and PTI never stops any institution from its work. He said we will welcome any sort of investigation.

He said from last night media has been releasing news that Haleem Adil Sheikh has perhaps occupied government land of 250 acres and sold it. He said he wanted to clarify that these allegations are totally fake. He said applications against him were lodged by different people on the behest of the PPP that Haleem Adil had occupied lands. He said in this regard the sessions court and the high court have already given verdicts in his favor. He said the ACCI 1 committee has already rejected the case. He said revenue department is probing and we welcome all sort of investigation.

He said in 1992, I got a loan on my four acres of land and this loan was repaid in 2002. He said these lands still are present. He said in the suburbs areas of Karachi thousands of acres of land have been allotted for purpose of poultry and agriculture purposes for period of 30 years. He said many people related to the government side got these leases extended to 99 years.

He said we have gone to court to extend the lease of our land to 99 years and this application is still with the court. He said these people wanted to silence my voice, but I would continue to expose their misdeeds. He said our institutions are independent and we will welcome any inquiry. He said we are given no notice from any side . He said our hands are clean and we will greet any probe against us.

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