Ban on large wedding gatherings to remain in place, Nasir Shah

KARACHI (HRNW)  Sindh Information Minister Nasir Hussain Shah has said the provincial government will make sure that there are no violations on the ban of weddings or large gatherings in the province due to the coronavirus pandemic.

“The only exception to this ban are the gatherings held on a limited scale inside homes to solemnise marriages, but the government will ensure implementation of the ban on wedding feasts,” Shah said during talks with representatives of wedding hall owners on Tuesday.

Shah said the provincial government was well aware of the sufferings of those associated with the business of wedding halls in the city; however, these activities need to remain suspended because there would be no compromise on the health and lives of the people at risk of contracting coronavirus.

The provincial minister added the government knew about the adverse impacts of the health emergency on the different segments of trade and economy, which has resulted in unemployment, but the situation was the same the world over.

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