Munich newcomer Sané aware of the expectations but ready to deliver

Germany winger Leroy Sané is set for his first full team training sessions at new club Bayern Munich and aims to fulfil the huge expectations without putting too much pressure on himself.

Sané has trained mostly on his own since joining the Bundesliga champions from Manchester City as the rest of the team was on holiday before now starting preparations for the resumption of the Champions League.

The 24-year-old could have completed the elite event with City while not being eligible at Bayern, but said in an interview with Wednesday’s Sport Bild magazine he chose to join Munich as early as possible to adapt well to his new environment.

“I want to arrive, find a place to stay, prepare for the new chapter in my career, and then take off,” Sané said.

Sané knows he is stepping in the footsteps of Franck Ribery and Arjen Robben – and has been given the number 10 shirt that the likes of Robben and Uli Hoeness, later the long time club manager and president wore in the past.

“I know what I am capable of, I have my goals. But I am not putting a burden on myself by saying ‘I wan to be as big as Robben and Ribery,'”Sané said.

“The 10 has a big history at Bayern. I am aware of the responsibility the shirt brings with it.”

Sané is to man the wings together with Serge Gnabry and Kingsley Coman and is aware that he can’t expect to feature in every match.

“No player in the world can play every match and reach the highest level. I have my goals but I am zero against rotating the team. It helps the team to be fresh and to have a new impulse,” Sané said.

And he believes that the Bayern team can achieve a lot.

“The lads are fired up and focussed, they have big aims with the club. I definitely see a realistic chance to win the Champions League with Bayern,” Sané said.

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