Irregularities found in KP’s Billion Tree Tsunami project

PESHAWAR (HRNW) – Irregularities have come to light in the Billion Tree Tsunami project envisioned by PTI government in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. It was found that in some districts, the required number of plants had not been planted. The Department of Forestry has taken action and suspended 35 employees from their jobs.

According to the Chief Conservative Officer of the Forestry Department, special measures are being taken to curb illegal logging across the province. During the last two months, not only have many people been fined heavily but 35 officials have been suspended as well after taking notice of multiple public complaints.

Citizens say that while the performance of the forestry department has not been ideal, the main issue behind illegal logging is the big fish being free to operate. They say the department will have to take more drastic measures to bring about any meaningful change.

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