First coronavirus case in Greek island camp: official

ATHENS (HRNW) – Greece on Thursday reported its first novel coronavirus infection in one of its overcrowded asylum seeker camps, a migration ministry source said.

A 35-year-old man from Yemen living at the camp of Vial on the island of Chios tested positive late on Wednesday.

“The man has been quarantined at the local hospital. Another 30 people are undergoing tests,” the official said.

There are over 3,800 people living inside the Vial camp, over three times nominal capacity.

Several non-fatal coronavirus cases have surfaced in Greek camps on the mainland — including 150 infections at a migrant hotel in the Peloponnese in April.

But this is the first case involving an island camp, where the worst overcrowding occurs.

The news came a day after Greece registered its highest-ever daily number of new infections at 262.

Authorities have blamed the spike in infections to the flouting of social distancing rules in restaurants, bars and public gatherings.

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