Hyderabad: Six-year-old girl falls to death in open manhole

Hyderabad (HRNW) A six-year-old girl passed away after she fell into an uncovered manhole in Hyderabad’s Paretabad on Sunday, according to the police.

Bushra left her house to buy some snacks for herself from a nearby shop when she fell, her grandfather said. “We waited for help from the police and rescue officials but none arrived.”

After waiting for over five hours the neighbours retrieved her from the gutter themselves. However, she couldn’t sustain the injuries and passed away on the way to the hospital.

They said that the chairman of the union council lived in the same area but never took any action to cover the manholes on the street. “Even after the incident, the manhole was not closed,” a neighbour said.

The holes were covered a day after the incident. “They have just kept a wooden plank on top of them, which does not reduce the danger manholes pose,” he added.

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