All three victims’ bodies found in Karachi Gujjar Nullah drowning

KARACHI (HRNW)  Three people drowned in the Gujjar Nullah on Friday and as of Sunday, the bodies of all three victims have been found.

One body was found Sunday morning while two were found on Saturday. The victims were all related.

Rescue teams say they were swept into the drain by strong water currents as the area flooded due to heavy rain on Friday.

The victims’ family had been searching the water themselves.

The first victim to be found was identified as Nasir. His son Bilal and brother Adnan are the other two victims.

In a separate incident, a young man who fell in the same drain was rescued safe and sound by a group of onlookers.

Heavy rain hit Karachi on Friday and Saturday, leaving several areas submerged.

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