Sardar Khalil Ahmed Rajput is determined to unite the Rajput nation on one platform

Shahdadpur (HRNW)- Saeed Ahmed Rajput, Founder and Convener of Pakistan Rajput United Forum, while addressing a press conference along with Sardar Khalil Ahmed Rajput, Chairman, Elderly Committee of Rajput Ideological Sangat Welfare Association, and Pir Saleem-ur-Rehman, Secretary General, said that today’s press The conference is committed to strengthening the unity of Rajputs and to celebrate Rajput Day on January 1 with full vigor and nationwide. Unity and peace is the name of love and brotherhood. Secretary General of Rajput Ideological Society Pir Saleem-ur-Rehman thanked Saeed Ahmed Rajput for his full support of Rajput Day on January 1, furthering the message of “Increase Love, Eradicate Hate”. Sardar Khalil Ahmed Rajput He said that the biggest obstacle in Ittehad Rajput community is the vested interests in the community which are in dire need of exposure as these people are causing harm to the whole nation and not to any one person. January 1st to highlight Be a part of Rajput Day Contact Meme. Inshallah, the day is not far when the entire Rajput nation will be united on one platform.

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