Karachi: Two injured as cracker attack targets Mominabad police station

KARACHI (HRNW) Two police officers were injured after unidentified men hurled a cracker bomb at a police station in Karachi’s Mominabad, the police said on Tuesday.

According to the bomb disposal squad, an RGD-1 grenade was used in the attack. Further evidence is being collected from the site with the help of CCTV cameras.

The police said that multiple such attempts have been previously made as well to harm the police station.

The police officers injured in the attack have been identified as Saeed and Umar. They have been shifted to a hospital. The police suspect that the perpetrators are from a terrorist organisation.

Previously in 2014, explosives were found from a block of the police station. In the same year later, some unknown men had kept 5kg of explosives in the building and escaped.

In both of these incidents the attack was prevented by the disposal squad.

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