Sindh announces reopening of schools, SOPs issued

KARACHI: (HRNW) The Sindh government on Tuesday decided to reopen all schools in the province from September 15 and issued standard operating procedures (SOPs), media reported.

The provincial government has issued standard operating procedures (SOPs) to be adopted by the schools’ management, students, teachers and others in the province during the academic session starting from September 15.

SOPs for School Management

Regularly disinfect schools buildings, classrooms, water and sanitation facilities
Adjust school days and timings to avoid large gathering of students in a classroom
Split students of Pre-Primary, Primary, Lower Secondary and Upper Secondary in number of shifts
Avoid a large number of teachers in a classroom
Wearing a face mask is mandatory
Use Saturday as working day till pandemic is over
Students, teachers and other staff with Covid-19 symptoms will not be allowed to enter schools
Morning assembly must be held in the respective classroom.
Place hand sanitizers in halls

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