Saudi Arabia says flights to, from UAE can fly over kingdom

DUBAI (HRNW) — Saudi Arabia announced Wednesday that flights to and from the United Arab Emirates “from all countries” will now be able to use its airspace — a statement apparently allowing flyovers by Israel following a deal to normalize UAE-Israel relations.

The vaguely worded statement avoided naming Israel directly. However, the announcement came just days after the kingdom allowed the first direct Israeli commercial passenger flight to use its airspace to reach the UAE. Any direct flight between the two nations would need to use Saudi airspace to be commercially viable.

The statement makes no mention of the kingdom’s rival, Iran, nor Qatar, which Saudi Arabia is currently boycotting. Flights between those countries to the Emirates would, in theory, not need to use the kingdom’s airspace.

The official Saudi Press Agency said the move comes in response to a “request by the UAE” for flights to and from the country.


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