New ‘evidence’ surfaces in Dr Maha suicide case

KARACHI (HRNW)  In another development, a voice note of Dr Maha Shah has surfaced which she sent to her friend a few days before committing suicidey.

In a voice note, Dr Maha Shah had told her friend for taking sleeping pills after a fight with Junaid. She told her friend not to inform Fatima regarding her contacts with Junaid.

Maha had also said that she and Junaid have ended contacting each other for a long time. In the voice note allegedly from her, Dr Maha complained about facing depression as Junaid increases troubles for her.

The development came after the police investigators decided on Tuesday to seek court permission for the exhumation of Dr Maha Shah’s body for conducting post mortem again after declaring the previous medical report ‘wrong’.

While making progress in the mysterious ‘suicide’ case, the police investigators had said that the 9mm pistol had been shot in her head from the right hand, whereas, the medical report stated the bullet shot from the left hand. The police claimed that the medico-legal officer (MLO) had released her medical report without conducting a post mortem.

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