Second protest by Karachi’s DHA residents unsuccessful

KARACHI (HRNW) A second protest by the residents of Defence Housing Authority ended Thursday without much progress.

They demand their drainage system and road infrastructure be fixed and the areas flooded in this monsoon season be drained. People’s houses and possessions were destroyed in the unprecedented rains. The entire area went without electricity for days and many neighbourhoods are still flooded.

On Thursday, residents gathered at DHA’s office in Phase I at noon to press forth on their demands. There were not as many people as the protest at the CBC office on Monday, but they did show up with loudspeakers and placards. DHA had anticipated their arrival and tried to prevent them from reaching the office by blocking roads with shipping containers but they later removed them.

Policemen and women, the Rangers and DHA security personnel in riot gear surrounded the protestors with billy clubs. The DHA administration had, however, arranged cold water in a cooler set in a stall with disposable cups.

The demands included a new one for the withdrawal of an FIR registered against protestors by the CBC after their protest Monday.

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