Several villages submerge as ferocious Indus in high flood

SUKKUR: (HRNW) Several villages in Katcha area have submerged under the flood water after water level surging in Indus river at Guddu and Sukkur barrages.

According to reports around 40 villages have submerged and standing crops drowned under the raging water of Indus between Rohri and Pannu Aqil in upper Sindh.

The water level reaching to its peak level in the river drowning Lakhan Goth, Jagirani Goth, Mubeen Shaikh, Aziz Jatoi and other villages in the area leaving large number of people shelter-less. Hundreds of villagers have been stranded in the flood water waiting for help.

Moreover, river water surging at Dadu-Moro Bridge over the Indus and ferocious flood water have entered in Katcha area submerging 25 villages including Gul Muhammad Korejo, Chhutto Mastoi and Naban Jatoi while drowning standing crops in the area.


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