Imran Khan should visit Sindh’s flood-hit areas: Bilawal

Mirpurkhas  (HRNW) Prime Minister Imran Khan should visit the rain and flood hit areas of Sindh, especially Mirpurkhas, PPP Chairperson Bilawal Bhutto Zardari said during a press conference in Mirpurkhas on Wednesday.

Heavy downpours coupled with flooding in the Indus River led to devastation across the province, especially in Mirpurkhas.

Bilawal said it is the prime responsibility of the prime minister and NDMA to come forward and help people facing great hardships. He asked Prime Minister Khan to act like the real ‘Kaptaan’ and visit the affected areas and announce a huge relief package.

Those sitting in Islamabad don’t know the difficulties being faced by the people of Mirpurkhas, said the MNA, adding that the NDMA should at least provide tents to the displaced people. He said that NDMA was not meant to provide relief to the people of other provinces, asking them to visit the marooned localities and villages.

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