German director Wim Wenders working on new film about Swiss architect

Wim Wenders, a giant of German cinema known for his 1987 hit “Wings of Desire,” says he is working on a new film about Swiss architect Peter Zumthor.

“His work means a lot to me,” Wenders told dpa.

“I follow two of his probably most important buildings from their creation – the new LACMA Museum building in Los Angeles, and the extension of the beautiful Fondation Beyeler building [by Renzo Piano] in Basel with an additional large new exhibition space,” the 75-year-old filmmaker said.

It remains unclear when the film is set for release.

“I only know one thing, that is ‘whether’ the film will reach cinemas. Of course, absolutely! There is no better awakening of a film than in a movie theater, seen by hundreds of pairs of eyes simultaneously.”

However, Wenders did ponder over when that kind of experience would be possible again due to the current pandemic, and what the world of politics will look like at that point.

“What will become of our society by then? Do the madmen have a parliamentary majority? And haven’t other circumstances become so urgent that we all have to go to the barricades instead of going to the movies?”

Federal elections in his native Germany are expected to take place next year.

Wenders took part in this year’s Venice Film Festival, appearing in the series of talks titled “Life Through a Different Lens: Contactless Connections.”

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