PM Imran suggests castration for convicted sex criminals

ISLAMABAD (HRNW) – Prime Minister Imran Khan has said that the Lahore motorway incident has shaken the entire nation and hit us all on a personal level. He said that he personally holds that pedophiles and rapists should be publicly hanged.

Talking about the incident, he said when I was studying crimes in Pakistan, I was shocked to learn that we have most crimes that are sex crimes. He was told by police officials that it has gone beyond just a few incidents and child abuse is becoming rampant in the country.

He said that he personally thinks pedophiles and rapists must be hanged publicly but he is told that it will have international repercussions. EU’s GSP status for trade with Pakistan will be affected by public hangings, hence, chemical castration must be conducted on such criminals.

For 1st degree offenders, we must chemically castrate them so that they are not able to do anything at all, he suggested. In addition to policing, we need society to play its part. We are lucky that we have a family system that Europe doesn’t. he added.

Talking about Covid-19, PM said the whole political class was recommending making the same mistakes as India and the entire opposition pushed him for a lockdown like that in Wuhan or Europe.

He said my view was that our demographics were much different than those countries as we have people living in slums. Lahore has 40% of population living in slums, Karachi has slums, even Islamabad has slums, he added.

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