Looters, money-launderers have joined hands against govt: Imran Khan

ISLAMABAD: (HRNW) Prime Minister Imran Khan on Friday chaired a meeting of parliamentary parties included in the federal coalition government and took them into confidence over the strategy to deal with the rising prices of food commodities and protest movement led by opposition parties.

The meeting mulled over the social, political, and inflation-related situation in the country as the prime minister shed light on the action plan prepared to bring down the food prices.

Speaking during the meeting, Imran Khan said that sufficient wheat supply is being ensured in the country and more improvement will be witnessed in the coming days.

The meeting also mulled over the protest movement and public gatherings announced by the opposition parties. “No one is ready to buy the narrative of the opposition parties,” said the prime minister while commenting on the situation and added that those who had looted the country and are involved in money laundering have once again joined hands with each other.


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