Police fire tear gas at govt employees protesting for pay raise

ISLAMABAD: (HRNW) Police on Wednesday fired tear gas at government employees protesting for pay raise at Islamabad’s D-Chowk.

Hundreds of the Pakistan Secretariat employees gathered at D-Chowk to protest for higher salaries.

Swinging into action, the police fired tear gas at the protesters in a bid to disperse them. As a result, the protesters got furious and started pelting the policemen, many in anti-riot gear, with stones, turning the area into a virtual battlefield.

The police subsequently arrested Employees Grand Alliance chief organiser Rehman Bajwa and 26 other protesters.

The law enforcers have blocked all the routes leading to the Red Zone to keep the protesting government employees from converging there. The employees have been protesting for an increase in salaries, pensions and other allowances.


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