Free Medical Camp Held by Hussain Lakhani trust and hospital at lower Gizri Karachi

Karachi (HRNW) Hussain Lakhani trust and Hussain Lakhani hospital have set up a free medical camp in akbar ground at lower gizri, under the supervision of specialist doctors of various diseases,Pti Leader Hunaid Lakhani and Shehzad Qureshi visited the medical camp to review the facilities.On this occasion, Leader Tehreek-e-insaf Hunaid Lakhani said that we have applied this medical camp to the request of member sindh assembly Shehzad Qureshi,Patients were inspected with modern diagnostic equipment at the medical camp, wanting to serve the poor and needy in every respect,hundreds of men and women and children have come here for their treatment, after the diagnosis of treatment, free medicines have also been provided. More than six hundred people have treated this medical camp.These were the people who were unable to get their treatment in expensive hospitals and clinics, these are the people who are tired of the attitude of government hospitals administered by sindh, Hunaid Lakhani said that we are setting up free medical camps in the deprived areas of facilities,If there were health facilities in Karachi’s government hospitals, there would not have been any need to set up a medical camp here, Hussain lakhani hospital is also being treated with other diseases, it is just the beginning that the daily medical camp should be set up in the affected areas,Due to lack of cleanliness in Karachi, various types of diseases are spread, poor people have also been away from the reach of government hospitals, sindh government can not do anything for the sick people in such a way that the establishment of free medical by Hussain Lakhani trust and hospital is not less than a blessing,On this occasion, member of sindh assembly shehzad Qureshi, who is working for sindh government, is being done by hussain Lakhani trust and hospital, sindh government has become the worst enemy of people’s health,Government hospitals are only nominal, facilities in government hospitals in sindh are less than fifty percent, not only doctors but also the number of paramedical staff is very low,While non-availability of medicines is also the biggest issue, in such a way, all these facilities are being provided by the efforts of Hunaid Lakhani sahib in those areas of Karachi where poor people are in dire need of treatment.

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