Alhamra Arts Council to celebrate Baloch Culture Day to prompt national harmony

Lahore (HRNW) The Lahore Arts Council Alhamra Arts Council strives to promote the atmosphere of peace, love, brotherhood, national harmony, and unity across the country, for that Alhamra from time to time, highlighting all the regional cultures of Pakistan.

In connection with the above statement, Alhamra, on the occasion of Baloch Culture Day, arranged colorful activities on 2nd March to celebrate the beauty of Balochistan at Alhamra Arts Centre, the Mall.
Director Arts and Culture Alhamra Zulfiqar Ali Zulfi said that the preparations and arrangements had been completed to commemorate the day.

The famous Baloch singer Akhtar Chanal’s song will also release on Baloch Culture Day. He further said that this initiative of Alhamra would strengthen the good cultural attitudes.

On occasion, the Executive Director Lahore Arts Council Alhamra Dr. Aslam Dogar said that the purpose of the program is to promote provincial harmony and introduce our regional beauty to the new generation. Dogar said that this program is a gift for the people of Lahore’ we arranged this event to indorse provincial harmony in all provinces’. Balochi lifestyle, regional dances, folk songs will be presented at the event; the people should be visited Alhamra to see Balochi culture, customs, traditions, and values, he added.

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