Orangi Nullah operation: Karachi residents chant anti-govt slogans

KARACHI: (HRNW) The residents of Orangi Nullah staged a protest on Monday afternoon against the Karachi Metropolitan Corporation’s drive to clear encroachments along the 11.25km strip of the nullah.

With placards, banners, and lease documents in their hands, the protesters chanted anti-government slogans. “We won’t let these people demolish our houses,” one of them said.

The KMC and district administration began the anti-encroachment drive on one of Karachi’s biggest stormwater drains on Friday, February 25.

It is one of the three drains that are being widened to ensure a smooth flow of rainwater. The other two are the Gujjar and Mehmoodabad nullahs.

In the first phase, the KMC is removing soft encroachments from the banks of the Orangi Nullah. It will be followed by the demolition of more than 1,700 concrete structures on both sides of the drain.


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