Empowering women is a matter of time, says Syma Nadeem

KARACHI: (HRNW) Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Member National Assembly and Federal Parliamentary Secretary Minister for Inter-Provincial Coordination and Convener SDG-7 Alternative Energy Syma Nadeem on the occasion of International Women’s Day said that women should be economically supported for the development of the society.In Islamic society, women are looked upon with respect and dignity.

The sacred relationship of mother, sister and wife has a prominent place in Pakistani society. There is a need for steps to be taken keeping in view the Islamic teachings. Women play key role in construction and development In Pakistan, women have full opportunities in every field. In this regard, they are ensuring maximum participation of women in all walks of life.

The present government is encouraging women to work side by side in national development. In this regard, women with higher education will have to use their skills in practical life as well.Pakistani women are no less than anyone but they stand side by side with men. There is no shortage of talent in Pakistani women. The current government is providing equal opportunities for women to advance in the field. There is ample evidence of practical steps taken by the present government to empower women.

The West cannot even imagine the rights given to women in Islam. Women constitute about 50% of the population of Pakistan and give equal rights to development to Pakistani women. It is the mission of the PTI government. No society or nation can develop without the participation of women in the practical field. Unfortunately, the previous governments did not take any positive steps to bring women into the national mainstream but the present leadership is committed to bring women into the national mainstream. Concrete steps are being taken to empower women, salute the working women who are driving the country’s economy with their work.

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