Working hard to resolve water issues of the Islamabad- Ali Nawaz Awan

Islamabad (HRNW) Special Assistant to Prime Minister (SAPM) on CDA affairs Ali Nawaz Awan has said that water is one of the biggest problems of the Islamabad and we are trying our best to resolve this issue. While talking to media after inauguration of Super Feeder for Poona Faqeeran tube wells which supply water to different sectors of the federal capital. Ali Nawaz Awan told media that it was a big issue that water supply to sectors I-9, I-10 and G-11 got interrupted due to load shedding in Poona Faqeeran and during summers it has been a big headache for the residents. He said that after inauguration of dedicated grid for these tube wells, there will be uninterrupted electricity supply and so will be the water to above mentioned sectors.

He said that we have started 2 MGD water supply from Rawal Dam for Islamabad last week as well. We are also in final phase of documentation for bringing the 100 MGD water from Brotha Dam for the Islamabad and are hopeful that this will resolve this issue in long term.
Responding to a question, Ali Nawaz Awan said that inquiry against PTI’s senior leader Jehangir Khan Tareen is a new precedent for the other political parties of the country. He said that this is the change PTI has had 24 years of struggle that no one is above the law.

PTI’s senior leader Aleem Khan faced the law and today Its Jehangir Tareen who is under inquiry for sugar scandal. Replying to another question, Ali Nawaz Awan said that Bilwal Bhutto had said that PDM’ s resignation will prove as Atomic Bomb for our government, but this is the first atomic bomb which has blasted inside the house of PDM. He said that we are doing our work and Pakistan’s foreign reserves are increasing, tax collection are reaching record highs despite Covid-19, textile industry is gaining momentum and overall economic indicators showing upward trends.

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