Shehbaz Sharif to travel abroad for doctor’s appointment

Lahore (HRNW) PML-N President Shehbaz Sharif has approached the Lahore High Court seeking the removal of his name from the blacklist.

His lawyer told the court on Friday that Shehbaz has booked a doctor’s appointment on May 20 and he has to be in the UK before that. Shehbaz has already booked his ticket to Qatar for tomorrow. Pakistanis travelling to the UK need to stay in Qatar for 10 days because of the travel restrictions, his lawyer said.

The deputy attorney-general remarked that Shehbaz’s lawyer has not presented his return tickets which means that the PML-N president does not plan on coming back. On this, the court remarked that it is better if Shehbaz appears in person and gives an explanation for that. He was summoned at 2pm.

He showed his return ticket for July 3 and the court its verdict in the case.



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