More than 200 police in Cologne operation for Bundesliga play-off

Police in Cologne will have more than 200 officers on duty in the city on Saturday, when the Billygoats play the second leg of their Bundesliga play-off at Holstein Kiel.

Even though the game will take place in Kiel, Cologne police said on Friday that officers “will be present in a wide area starting in the afternoon and will take consistent action against all of those who want to fire pyrotechnics or commit violence.”

The focus will be on popular meeting places for football fans as well as the Cologne-Bonn airport, the police said in a statement.

Cologne are on brink of relegation after losing the first leg at home 1-0 to second tier Kiel.

There was some unrest after the last Bundesliga matchday against Schalke around the stadium, when Cologne escaped direct relegation, but things remained relatively calm after the play-off first leg.

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