German rail operator Deutsche Bahn swaps plastic cutlery for wood

German rail operator Deutsche Bahn wants to produce less plastic waste and so will swap plastic cutlery for a more eco-friendly wooden variety on its long-distance trains from June.

This means that Deutsche Bahn will be using a renewable raw material for around half a million pieces of cutlery per year, the company announced in Berlin on Sunday.

Deutsche Bahn also wants to improve its garbage separation and processing system with the aim of making 85 per cent of waste available for recycling as cleanly separated materials.

The current separation system with around 6,000 waste containers in the stations and long-distance trains will be simplified for this purpose, Deutsche Bahn said.

“Smart alternatives to plastic as well as improved recycling protect our planet and demonstrate responsibility toward future generations,” Deutsche Bahn chief executive Richard Lutz said in a statement.

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