Sexual harassment incidents increased in Lahore: Report

LAHORE: (HRNW) A police report has stated an increase in sexual harassment cases up to 300 per cent in the Punjab capital Lahore after the August 14 incidents.

The police report stated that 642 cases of sexual harassment were registered during the past 1.5 months as compared to the number of incidents up to less than 150 that had been reported before August 14 – 2021.

323 sexual harassment cases had been filed in the month of August and 319 in September so far, stated the police report, adding that the cases were registered under the sections of 354, 354-A and 509-B.

According to the police, all sections of the cases were non-bailable, whereas, 110 cases were dismissed after being declared false.

Deputy Inspector General (DIG) Shariq Jamal Khan said in a statement that the harassment cases were happening in the past but women usually avoid registering cases.


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