Ombudsman Sindh employees protest for increase in allowances

Karachi (HRNW) On September 14, 2022, at the Karachi Press Club, the employees of the Ombudsman of Sindh recorded their protest for allowances in this rising inflation. Employees said that living in this era of inflation has become almost impossible.

According to the employees of the Ombudsman of Sindh, it is no longer possible to live in this period of worst inflation. Due to the obvious difference in salary, some money has to be borrowed from someone every month because the employees of Sindh Ombudsman are not being given their rightful right which other institutions of Sindh are getting e.g.
The project department receives the project allowance.
Anti-corruption department gets special allowance and self-hiring allowance.
Secretariat employees also get Secretariat Allowance, Self-Hiring Allowance, Special Allowance and Executive Allowance.
Prisons Department receives Prison Allowance.
The Advocate General Department receives Judicial Allowance.
Judicial Allowance and Special Judicial Allowance, Utility Allowance are also given in Courts.
All these allowances are added to the normal salary of the employees of all these departments.

The employees of the Sindh Ombudsman protested at the press club and said that the head of the institution, the Ombudsman, gets judicial allowance in addition to the basic salary, while the secretary and director etc. are getting special allowance.

The employees demanded that their salary should also be made equal to that of these departments. The employees said that if their legitimate demands were not met, they would intensify their protest and protest in front of CM Sindh and Governor House.