SHO Qasim Zia suspended from service for demanding Rs 6.5 crore from a citizen Naeem paracha during illegal confinement

Islamabad (HRNW)¬†Islamabad High Court’s Justice Tariq Mehmood Jehangiri ordered Inspector General of police Dr Akbar Nasir Khan to immediately suspend Qasim Zia and submit report for demanding a bribe of Rs 6. 5 crore from a businessman Naeem Paracha during illegal confinement.

Director FIA crime circle ordered to conduct Inquiry of the matter and to submit report within ten days.

Honourable court ordered immediate release of the citizen as report for cancelation of FIR had been issued.

Police could not arrest the citizen without permission of the court.

Muhammad Awais Paracha had filed an application in the Islamabad High Court that his father was in illegal custody of the SHO Qasim Zia Industrial area I-9 police since yesterday.

And Police is demanding Rs 6.5 crore from his ailing father as extortion money without any reason.

Hounourable court appointed baliff on the application, the baliff raided police station, recovered Naeem Paracha and presented him before the court along with Roznamcha.

SHO told the court that an FIR had been registered against the accused about sale and purchase of a property and payment on 23 August 2022.

Issue was later resolved.

FIR was later discharged in the light of statement of the complainant. However, this report was not yet presented to the court of judicial Magistrate.

SHO said deputy superintendent of police had not approved the discharge report.

Justice Tariq Mehmood Jehangiri checked the discharge report of DSP written on plain paper and said that the report was fresh and was written recently to defend the illegal detention and extortion.

He observed that even no zimni was written.

SHO Industrial Area Qasim Zia suspended from service for links with and patronisation of Qabza mafia,

patronisation of drug mafia and illegal businesses,

selling drugs,

embezzling Jama Talashi,

working as a target killer,

non registration of FIR without money and gratifications,

killing people during detention,

collection of extortion from area people,

arresting innocent people and including in Shankhat parade 192 PPC,

behaving as a pharaoh for poor hapless people, acting as hand stick of powerful criminals,

forming close coordination and liaison with multipurpose illegal gangs within and outside police,

embezzlement in recovery amounts and valuables in different cases,

false and fabricated reports and briefings to senior officers,

for administering fake and false oaths and ‘Qasmaein’ to senior officers to mislead them,

for entering into houses for loot and plunder,

for harassment of women and children,

for stealing gold, cash and valuables,

for operating illegal tout gangs,

for being unavailable to common man,

thousands of citizens approached senior officers, chief commissioner and sessions court for their inalienable rights of registration of FIR and justice but he was hell bent to issue false, fake, bogus, baseless and malicious reports and told uncountable lies to every forum

Area people and their life and property suffered extremely badly during his tenure as station house officer police station Industrial Area I-9.

Thousands of people complained that openly cash and valuables were demanded from them in the police station.

They openly said No FIR is possible unless police officers and officials make it possible.

Give and take was mandatory.

Drugs and alcohol were openly sold during his tenure.

Crimes escalated phenomenally under him and area people had demanded permission for private policing to save themselves from the Qasim Zia police in Islamabad.

Now that the small Pharaoh has been removed from the post of SHO, people have felt a sense of biggest relief in their lives. They have distributed tonnes of sweets in the area and offered thanks prayers in religious centres.

Area people have demanded that such persons should be removed from police and tried for crimes against area people and humanity.

Only those should be appointed as SHO who are justice minded and have fear of God ingrillid.

They said beasts cannot protect their life and property.

Such people play in the hands of criminal beasts for their vested interests as they are hands in glove with killers, drug peddlers, extortion gangs and other illegal elements.

Civil society demanded corrective action from senior officers, chief commissioner, federal interior minister, chief of army staff, DG ISI, MI, IB , FIU, DFC, and other relevant authorities.