From international music charts to becoming Karachi’s AC: Secret life of Hazim Bangwar

Karachi (HRNW) The 30-year-old Assistant Commissioner of Karachi’s North Nazimabad, Hazim Bangwar, is not just any ordinary bureaucrat. He is a New York-return, multi-talented individual who’s ready to change the face of bureaucracy in Pakistan.

Hazim, who comes from a affluent background, with a mother of Iraqi descent and a father who served as a Deputy Inspector General of Police, is eager to serve the people of North Nazimabad.

Bangwar’s journey from an international music sensation to a civil servant is an inspiring one.

Born in Karachi and raised in New York, Bangwar pursued his education in London where he completed two degrees in Fashion Design & Marketing and LLB from AIU London and University of London, respectively.

Bangwar’s love for fashion is evident on his Instagram account where he actively shares his photos in trendy outfits and while attending fashion events.

After completing his Fashion and Law’s degrees, he then embarked on a successful music career, releasing mix tapes and songs that topped charts in various countries, making him the first Pakistani singer to reach the international charts with an English song.

Upon his return to Pakistan, he cleared the Sindh Public Service Commission (SPSC) examination and secured a spot as a Provincial Management Service (PMS) Officer.

Today, he serves as the Assistant Commissioner of Karachi’s North Nazimabad, bringing his unique blend of authority and cool to the bureaucracy.

After taking the charge, Bangwar shared a picture from his office on his Instagram account with the caption, “North Nazimabad, it’s a privilege to serve you as your new Assistant Commissioner.”

In a world where bureaucracy is often considered dull and monotonous, Hazim Bangwar is an exception.

With his diverse background, he is ready to bring a new perspective to the administrative affairs of North Nazimabad.