Indian conspiracies against Pakistan exposed by European journal

Islamabad (HRNW) In a major revelation, the well-known European journal ‘Modern Diplomacy Magazine’ has exposed Indian conspiracies against Pakistan.

India has been accused of supporting the banned terrorist group TTP in its efforts to destabilize Pakistan and become the dominant power in the region.

The report alleges that India has been funding and providing safe havens to TTP commanders, allowing the group to carry out attacks against Pakistan with impunity.

The report also claims that TTP leaders have been crossing the border into India for medical treatment and extended stays, indicating a level of protection from Indian authorities.

These actions, the report says, are part of India’s larger strategy to weaken Pakistan’s government and military, and divert the world’s attention from its actions in Occupied Kashmir.

The report calls on the international community to hold India accountable for its actions and put an end to its support for the TTP.

The report states that India’s support for the banned group threatens peace and stability in the region, and must be stopped in the interest of regional security.

It is a major development in the ongoing conflict between India and Pakistan, and its implications will be closely watched by the international community.