Sindh Govt Officer Bans Public From Zoo Garden For Private Party

KARACHI: (HRNW) A Sindh government officer on Friday closed the Mughal Garden of Karachi Zoo for the public to celebrate the birthday of his daughter.

The zoo designed for the entertainment of children is now reserved for private parties of government officers, according to report, the additional chief secretary Sindh Najam Shah directed to close Karachi Zoo’s Mughal Garden area for general public for his family’s private function.

The deployed private security guards became a hurdle for the people, Security personnel stopped people from sightseeing in Karachi Zoo.

Najam Shah and his security staff surrounded the zoo garden and allowed none to enter the place which is otherwise open for all and sundry inside the zoo.

After the news of the private event on air at ARY News, the event was immediately cancelled and the zoo has now opened for the public.