Asad Umar pulls out as PTI’s secretary general, core committee member

ISLAMABAD (HRNW) PTI secretary general Asad Umar on Wednesday announced his resignation from party leadership positions, including secretary general and member of the core committee.

It comes hours after the Islamabad High Court (IHC) ordered his release from the Adiala jail after declaring his arrest under 3MPO – the law several PTI bigwigs have been detained under – null and void.

Addressing a presser, he said it was not possible for him to continue after May 9 events. “What happened on May 9 was not only condemnable but a point to ponder,” he added. The most dangerous thing was, he said, attacks on security installations.

“I endorse Mr Khan saying that we would have seen Pakistan destroying like Syria and Iraq, had there been no army,” he added.

He went on to say that independent investigation should be conducted into the incidents, adding that innocents must be releases as soon as possible.

Mr Umar said the army was not only known as two or three generals but all soldiers, adding that members of his family sacrificed their lives for the nation. “There are five stakeholders in the country; the judiciary, the army, the PTI, the PDM, and the people,” he added.

The judiciary was divided in itself, he said, adding that it was enough to gauge how dangerous it was. “The judiciary is not able to implement its orders,” he added.

He foresaw the PTI making governments in federation, Punjab, and KP if free and fair elections were held. “PDM will make governments elsewhere,” he added.

All stakeholders were responsible for the doldrums the country was in, he said, adding political leadership had to sit together to solve problems of the country. “It was also reiterated in Corps Commanders conference and National Security Council meeting,” he added.

IHC orders Umar’s release from Adiala jail