CPO Faisal Rana directs “aggressive operation” against kite flying and selling

Rawalpindi (HRNW)- CPO Faisal Rana directs for snap checking on Rawalpindi’s entry points to check supply of kites and metal strings, kite flying and selling are crimes that result in loss of human lives which would not be permitted at any cost, Divisional SPs to launch “aggressive operation” against kite flying & selling, CPO directs Rawalpindi Police. According to the details, a meeting was held under the Chairmanship of City Police Officer, Deputy Inspector General of Police, Muhammad Faisal Rana which was attended by SSP Operations Tariq Walait, SSP Investigations Muhammad Faisal, SP Potohar Syed Ali, SP Saddar Rai Mazhar Iqbal and SP Rawal Asif Masood. A comprehensive result based strategy has been devised during the meeting to stop kite flying and sale of kites and strings. CPO Faisal Rana while addressing the meeting said that, in order to control kite flying, it is a must to control the sale of kites and metal strings with the authority of law for which an aggressive operation based on authentic information must be launched with a comprehensive strategy. The CPO said that the supply of kites and metal string from other districts must be checked and snap checking at the entry points of the district must be ensured for the purpose. The CPO directed the divisional SPs to hold meetings with SDPOs and SHOs of the divisions to constitute special teams for the “aggressive operation” against kite flying and selling. The CPO said that SDPO, SHO and beat Officer will be held responsible for any law violation in connection with kite flying and selling and SHO will not remain on his post in case of loss of a life at the hands of kite flying, while SDPO will also have to face stern departmental accountability. The CPO said that kite flying and selling is a crime, any police personnel found mixed up with the criminals in this act will have to face legal action being facilitator of the criminals while such personnel will have no chance to remain in the department. The CPO directed to update lists of kite flyers and sellers and to immediately launch the proposed “aggressive operation” against them.

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