Rulers wasting funds instead of facilitating people: Haleem Adil

Karachi (HRNW)- Pakistan Tehreek e Insaf (PTI) Sindh senior leader and the leader of parliamentary party in Sindh Assembly Haleem Adil Sheikh has said that rulers of Sindh are wasting precious taxpayers’ money in corruption instead facilitating people. He said the rulers of Sindh have still not constructed even a single government hospital where modern healthcare and trauma management facilities are available.

According to details, a delegation of Ulema called on Haleem Adil Sheikh at the Insaf House, led by Sheikhul Hadees Maulana Ziauddin, Maulana Momin and others. Addressing a press conference along with them, Haleem Adil said now the government of Sindh has allocated Rs500million for castration of stray dogs.

He said that it also needs to administer vaccine to the health minister. He said that all dogs are not rabid. He said it is necessary to keep children away from dogs. He said the provincial government is not ready to fulfill its responsibilities and it has given whole Sindh to dogs. He said Bilawal before daydreaming about doom of PTI government should focus on Sindh government. He said corrupt people are being taken to the task. He said when corrupt people are free they ride horses and when they go in jail they suddenly fall ill. He said AIDS and attack of locust in Sindh are curses due to the misdeed of its rulers. He said the ministers of Sindh government are marred with corruption.

Haleem Adil said that Imran Khan has not come for five years, but he is a Mahathir Muhamad of Pakistan. He said that Maulana is closing roads and creating problems. His arragments for Halwa for coming 15 years has been arranged. He said if Nawaz Sharif was given permission by the government people would say it was a deal.

Haleem Adil said that Maulana has gotten donations from parties and people, but his dharna was not for people and the country. He said Islam is against closure of roads. He said the Azadi March only provided Maulana sufficient Halwa. He said that when employees or PTI leaders take to streets anti-terrosim cases are registered against them. He said Sindh government is supporing road bloakcage of Maulana.

He said that in Thar a large number of people died due to rains and thundertrome but no relief is given to them. He said Thar is facing hunger and poverty. He said Thar has not given anything by the PPP, but the PTI has given 275000 health cards issued to people of Thar. He said Murtaza Wahab when opens hospital also speaks of tomatoes. He should have talked on problems of Sindh.

Maulana Ziauddin said that Maulana Fazal is misguiding people and we would exposé him. He said Ulema of whole Pakistan are against Fazal. He said Imran Khan is fighting for whole Islamic world. He said division is against the interests of Ummah. He said Pakistan is a nuclear country and Imran Khan is its powerful leader. He said Imran Khan gave a strong message in Security Council. He said leader of the Muslim world. He said the party of Maulana Fazal is not following teachings of Islam.

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