Berlin declares ‘climate emergency’

The Berlin Senate on Tuesday declared a “climate emergency” for the German capital, paving the way for additional efforts in terms of climate action.

“We have put on record that we want to go beyond our present goals of lowering carbon dioxide emissions by 85 per cent, compared to 1990 levels,” Berlin Mayor Michael Mueller said following the Senate session.

“We want to achieve significantly more than this 85 per cent,” he added.

But there is no concrete percentage included in the Senate’s decision.

Senator Regine Guenther, who leads the Senate’s department for the environment and drafted the decision, wanted to include a goal of at least 95 per cent before 2050, but could not secure approval for it.

With its decision, Berlin follows in the footsteps of numerous municipalities around the world – including around 50 in Germany – that have declared climate emergencies.

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