German statisticians expect six-decade low in traffic deaths

The number of people killed on Germany’s roads looks set this year to reach its lowest point in at least six decades, the Federal Statistics Office said on Tuesday.

It estimates that the number of traffic accident fatalities will fall to a new record low of about 3,090.

“This would be the lowest level since the statistic was first compiled more than 60 years ago,” the Wiesbaden-based office said.

The estimate is based on data that was available until the end of September. The previous all-time low for people dying in traffic accidents had been 3,180 in 2017. Last year, there had been a modest increase to 3,275 fatalities.

There is also expected to be a slight decrease in the number of people injured this year, by about 3 per cent to 383,000.

Despite the falling numbers, there is still an average of eight people killed each day on German roads and more than 1,000 injured, the office noted.

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