Selected Govt should go home now: Jam Ikramuallah Dharejo

Karachi (HRNW)- Provincial Minister for Industries and Commerce & Cooperative Department Jam Ikramuallah Dharejo has said that it is right time that Selected Government should go home because the selectors themselves have got puzzled after selecting them. He said this while talking to various delegations at his residence here today. “It looks like the umpire ‘s finger is getting up very soon,” he said. Jam Ikramuallah Dharejo said that 18 months of government performance has proved a threat to the country and the people and the country has almost gone bankrupt. He added, ‘ The government has taken another u-turn over concerns over the Transparency International Report. He said that in the past, the Selected Prime Minister had authored the reports of Transparency International himself. Jam Ikramuallah Dharejo said that the Selected Government has also harassed its selectors because of their inability. That the disqualification of the unqualified has reached its climax. The unjust rulers have made the life of the common man hell. Jam Ikramullah Dharejo said that

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