Nasir H. Shah inaugurates food festival at Benazir Bhutto Shaheed Park

Karachi (HRNW)- Karachi Soul Food Festival was inaugurated at Boat Basin Benazir Bhutto Shaheed Park in Karachi by Provincial Minister Mr. Nasir Hussain Shah. Commissioner Karachi Iftikhar Shalwani, Metropolitan Commissioner Dr. Saif-ur-Rehman, Karachi Soul Food Festival CEO Saad Khan and General Manager G. M. Owais Syed were also present on the occasion. Karachi Soul Food Festival Organized by Active media and foodies RUS. Speaking on the occasion, provincial minister Sindh Nasir Hussain Shahsaid, “We are very proud that we are hosting the Karachi Soul Food Festival. Karachi was lost his identity in the past, which has given life to the city of Karachi by organizing the Karachi Soul Food Festival. I want to give my best wishes to Saad Khan, CEO of Karachi Soul Food Festival on behalf of Sindh Government. He said such activities need to be restored to improve the situation in Karachi. He added that for which the Pakistan Peoples Party is playing its important role and is working to make Karachi a peace ground. CEO Saad Khan said, Our goal is to restore Karachi’s activities through the Karachi Civil Food Festival. The past is to restore the city’s lights and make it beautiful by forgetting the oppression of the city leader. He said that organizing the Karachi Marathon Festival to be organized by Commissioner Iftikhar Shalwani and to create a beautiful Karachi Street Library is the first priority to showcase the positive face of Karachi city in the world and beautify your city, which will make the city of Karachi again. The happiness will be shattered. The ceremony was attended by Artists Imran Ashraf, Zalay Sarhadi, Azeeka Daniyal, Furqan Qureshi, Osama Khan and other prominent artists, columnists, political and social leaders, journalists & Many other Peoples. Karachi Soul Food Festival had delicious, sour straps and traditional dishes decorated with stalls from national and international cuisines by Chefs.Famous singers and bands Farhan Saeed, Nabeel Shaukat, Natasha Baig, Kashmir band, Raga boys, Raeth band and Fuzon sang songs  in the colors of music and won the hearts of the people of Karachi and received a huge crowd of audience.

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