Google Maps shows photo of marriage proposal mown into German field

An unusual marriage proposal mown into a field in Hessen and visible from the air has been caught on Google Maps and can be seen in the programme’s satellite function.

Internet users who zoom in on Huettenberg, a town in rural south-western Germany, see not only streets and homes but also the words, “Willst du mich heiraten?” in giant letters.

That is German for “will you marry me?” and is the work of Steffen Schwarz.

Schwarz, a part-time farmer, mowed the letters into his field last year, using his seed drill.

His best man programmed the seed drill so that it would not sow the cornfield in the areas where the letters, measuring 100 metres by 200 metres, were to appear.

“I hadn’t realized or planned for the letters” to be visible in Google Maps’ satellite function, Schwarz said. He only realized after his aunt, in Canada told him, having read about it in the media.

Rather, his plan was to wait until the corn grew tall enough around the letters so that his sentence could be read from the air. Then, last May, he persuaded his girlfriend to fly a drone over the field – and proposed.

The couple is set to marry in June. And while the proposal can still be found online, wheat has now grown over the whole field, Schwarz said.

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