PCG seizes huge quantity of Hashish and contraband items

Karachi (HRNW)- Pakistan Coast Guards (PCG) seized huge quantity of Hashish, Irani Diesel, Betel Nuts and contraband items at Naka Khari Check Post on RCD Highway near Windar (Balochistan).
On credible information from intelligence resources about the smuggling of narcotic, Iranian Diesel, Betel Nuts and contraband items in general area Windar on RCD Highway, following seizures were carried out by PCG Special checking during the preceding week:-
1. During checking of a mazda truck loaded with apple crates, PCG officials recovered 227 kilograms fine quality of Hashish hidden under secret cavities of mazda truck and 02 drug smugglers were arrested on the spot.
2. At Winder (Balochistan) PCG mobile patrol teams recovered approx 25,000 Liters of Iranian diesel from various illegal dumps in general area of Dam.
3. At Naka Khari during checking, PCG officials recovered 4,315 Kgs Betel Nuts, 269 Nos Tyres, 665 Pkts Indian Gutka, 1,063 Stks Cigarette, 59 Bags China Salt, 808 Pkts Naswar and 430 Kgs Cloth from different vehicles.
4. At Karachi, PCG Marine Wing officials recovered 3,100 liters of Irani diesel from a Launch at Karachi harbour and 01 person was arrested involved in smuggling of Iranian Diesel.

03x smugglers along with Hashish, Iranian Diesel, 01x Mazda truck and lunch taken under custody. Approx value of Hashish, Betel Nuts, Iranian Diesel and contraband items in the market is Rs. 368.67 Millions. Further investigation and legal process is under way.

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