Mandi Bahauddin men arrested for ‘beating cousin to death’

Lahore (HRNW)  Four men were arrested on Tuesday for murdering their cousin brother in Mandi Bahauddin, according to the police.

Muazzam had allegedly tricked suspect Mushtaq’s wife and had abducted her after which Mushtaq tortured and murdered his cousin brother.

The police arrested Mushtaq and four of his accomplices 10 days after the murder. “Muazzam had kidnapped his cousin’s wife over her ethnicity but had later freed her,” the district police officer said.

After she came back, the suspect called Muazzam again and then beat him to death,” he added.

Mushtaq, one the other hand, said that he had been in a fight with his cousin for a while over a piece of land. “He had taken Rs1.5 million from us but transferred the land to someone else.”

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