PTI PS 103 AGS Ashraf Ali Joins PPP along with his workors

KARACHI: (HRNW) Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) PS 103 Additional General Secretary Ashraf Ali has announced to join PPP along with dozens of his workers.  He made the announcement during a meeting with Sindh Education and Labor Minister and President PPP Karachi Division Saeed Ghani at his office.  PPP District East President Iqbal Sandh, PS 103 President Syed Khawar Shah, Abdul Wahab Baloch and others were also present on the occasion.  According to details, a large number of PTI Karachi PS 103 officials and workers have announced their separation from PTI and joining Pakistan Peoples Party.  He made the announcement after meeting Provincial Minister and President PPP Karachi Division Saeed Ghani.  On this occasion, Saeed Ghani said that the popularity of PPP can be gauged from the fact that a large number of officials and workers of different parties from all districts of Karachi are joining PPP.  He said that Ashraf Ali and his staff had been in touch for the last one month but we could not hold a press conference due to the corona virus and even today we have not invited all the participants. Saeed Ghani said that even then Karachi  A large number of officials and workers of various political parties from across the province are in touch with the regional and provincial leadership of the PPP and will soon join the PPP.  Saeed Ghani said that the way the present elected government of PTI and its incompetent and incompetent prime minister and ministers are taking utorn on utorn and the way in two years they have destroyed the economy of this country and the standard of living of the people.  What is happening now is that their hatred is coming out in public.  Saeed Ghani said that today the people from Karachi to Khyber are fed up with the present incompetent rulers and that is why people have started openly saying that their joining PTI was their biggest mistake.  ۔  Ashraf Ali, Additional General Secretary, PS-103 District East, who was present on the occasion, said, “We joined the PTI considering it to be a new party and its claims.”  He said that his provincial and Karachi leadership including the central leadership of PTI had completely disappointed us and the claims made by all his people have come to the notice of Utorn. Ashraf Ali said that PPP is the only party in this country.  She believes in complete democracy and what the PPP is doing for the people of Sindh, including Karachi, is unprecedented.  Rehanul Haq Chishti, Asif Qaim Khani, Abdul Waheed Khan, Khalid Iqbal Khan, Fahad Ali, Aqib Arshad, Sheikh Saleem, Khalid Qureshi, Faisal Khan, Waqar Mirm, Mohsinuddin and others were present on the occasion.

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